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  • Mouse or X - Attack on sidescrolling maps
  • Click an Interact Button or Z - Interact with an object.
  • W/A/S/D or Arrow Keys - Movement on the world map. In side-scrolling maps, A/D move, S crouches, and W is used with Overthrust to attack upwards, after that move is unlocked.
  • Space Bar - Causes Tim to jump. Has no effect on the world map.
  • Enter/Return - Pauses the game, and shows the pause interface.


In the land of Aylea, things have been going wrong. Two powerful Evil Lords have arisen from the ranks of the nobility, to summon their dark master, the Supreme Evil Lord, back into the world!

There is also a knight named Tim whose father was injured in search of a fabled suit of armor. In search of a legendary herb with miraculous healing properties, he heads to Aylea to retrieve enough to heal his father's wounds.

Tim and Aylea are on a collision course ordained centuries ago. This is the Hero's Journey...